WordPress Plugins Using Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

WordPress Plugins Using Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
20/11/2018 daniyal shamsi

WordPress Plugins Using Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic nowadays that is regularly popping up in the news. All the big giants are working on their own set of AI’s.

We may hear a lot in future about Artifical Intelligence as it has already found its way to the WordPress plugins.

Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is all about making things quick and easy. The concept is relatively easy; things that require a human being to perform a task is performed by the machine. The modern Machines are capable of performing particular tasks without any human intervention & the future machine can do even more than they do today.

It means tasks that are dangerous or things that are time-consuming can be performed by the Machines in the future. Off course, it may add unemployment at a vast level but surely the world will discover an alternative.

Most of the things that we are dealing on the web is a subset of Artifical Intelligence called “Machine Learning”. The chatbots are a perfect modern day example of AI’s.

Some Live Examples OF AI:

ChatBot reply to the customers on its own; it means you don’t need any customer support person anymore. However, building a sound chatbot is all you need to work hard for.

Macdonalds is the pioneer in using Artificial Intelligence in their restaurants. They replaced their employs by using Artificial intelligence to serve the takeaway customers. It welcomes the customer once he is on the spot, ask for the order and finalized it to the takeaway person.

Basically, the software learns from the experience and makes decisions according to it.

Before that, you have to provide it with the basic rules to run. The AI will operate within the set parameters. Basically, it runs on the algorithms that allow the program to build its own rules according to the experience and the circumstances. A Successful AI has the capability to adapt to the environment it is operating in, by analyzing the user behavior and making sound decisions according to it.

I am here to list down the WordPress Plugins that make use of the Artificial Intelligence.

WordPress Plugins With Artificial Intelligence

Before we go into the details, you need to understand that AI is new & needs further improvement and development. There are many plugins that are still in the development stage but are still worth a look.


WordLift is a renowned WordPress Plugin that is efficient in carrying out the content related task. It uses the AI to process Human language in making the content better. It helps people in searching the right thing as the AI works toward improving content for search engines.

Through the use of semantic technologies and artificial intelligence; WordLift Provides the content creators with the accessibility of facts, images, links, and visuals to make their content more engaging.

Moreover, the plugins make the content more competitive with schema markup to enhance indexability to improve SEO.

It also recommends the users for more related content to increase their presence on the site.

With this awesome WordPress Plugin, you can increase your website traffic, Page Views & off course your conversion. Why would you miss it?


known as the leading time-driven Artificial Intelligence, Breinfy acts on the individual’s interest to make decisions. It collects the information about the visitors and aims to learn more about their movement and the interest.

For e.g; It checks the user history of the WordPress websites they have visited. This way it helps the content creator to build content according to their interest.

Moreover, the additional feature of Breinfy helps you in tracking your audience activities “LIVE.”

Breinfy hasn’t updated its plugin since last year, however, the service still exists.


It is an amalgamation of the previous WordPress plugin called “ Affinitomics”. Aimojo works 10 times faster than its previous version.

This competitive AI WordPress Plugin focuses on generating better search results, contextual link lists, and menus. As a consequence, it increases the conversion rates.

With the help of AI, the software learns from user experience in making a bold decision. Same like Breinfy, there hasn’t been any update since last year.

MyCurator Content Curation:

This cloud-based AI Plugin enables you to discover interesting content in your niche by figuring out the relevancy score.

In comparison to the Google Alerts, it aims to deliver what seems interesting to you. Moreover, the plugin learns from the user experience and his movement while improving the results for the future.

So basically, you can add pieces of the content that are found interesting.


Now, this Artifical intelligence Plugin is different from the rest. It does so by connecting to your site to the sentiment analysis of IBM Watson. The IBM displays useful insights about the emotions displayed by the user for your content for e.g joy, sadness, anger etc.

This AI source is no doubt very advanced & fruitful because it helps you understand your audience better and help you in generating a decent tone in your content.

Kindred Posts:

This AI plugin provides a widget to your site that recommends relevant content to visitors. Though this doesn’t seem to be anything new, this plugin understands the visitors and suggest content accordingly.

This eventually increases the interaction rate of your website while making sure to target the relevant audience. You can even connect the plugin to google analytics in order to track your recommendation.

The best part about this plugin is that it works outside the given the information.

After the Deadline:

This plugin provides AI-driven contextual Spell Check and is a part of Jetpack. More than finding writing errors, this tool works towards providing smart suggestions to improve your language.

There are a number of things that the deadline plugin is capable of detecting. From detecting misused words to style errors, clichés tp biased languages; the AI is even capable to explain the error.

All you need to do is to switch the tool in the WordPress editor (once its installed). The plugin shows the errors in red, grammar suggestion in gree, and stylish suggestion with a blue underline.

Quttera Web Malware Scanner

If you have carefully read my blog from the start, you would’ve noticed that almost every plugin shared similarity with each other. This AI plugin, Quettera is responsible to scan your website for any malware, viruses, shell, worms, and other threats related to spyware.

Quettera uses Cloud Technology along with the Artificial Intelligence to distinguish any virus that could affect the website. We haven’t witnessed any other plugin that could recognize threat over time and makes such use of machine learning to adapt to the unknown viruses and malware.

If your website has landed on Google’s blacklist then you surely need to add this plugin. What will it do?

This AI WordPress Plugin can help you find out the reason why it landed on Google’s blacklist and will take remedial steps.

Moreover, this plugin offers a free live chat along with the 24/7 service that means you no longer have to hire somebody to do it.  

The machine learning chatbot can act on its own as a customer care person. It has the tendency to build a knowledge base discussion and can observe your communication with clients that help it to improve its performance.

WooCommerce Darwin Pricing Integration:

Known as the geo-targeted promotions and Dynamic Sales Optimization, this AI plugin is competitive enough to monitor real-time competition that allows it to generate effective discounts.

The software collects data from the competition. After that, it uses Artificial Intelligence and statistical analysis to figure out the optimal discounts in every location and allow you to give them out in the form of coupons.

Like all the AI plugins, WooCommerce takes help of the machine learning to find discounts and future business development opportunities.

The client Relations Factory:

Known as the virtual customer service robot, this AI plugin connects the WordPress website to a Virtual Robot Platform.

Now, this is interesting!

This plugin takes help of the animated characters to interact with the customers. It identifies the customer’s query and replies to them according to their needs. Every conversation makes this Plugin even more compatible.


This Artificial Intelligence Plugin works on displaying relevant website content to the visitors. The AI technology collects data from your post, content, relevant content and page topics.

Like every other AI plugin, this also improves in accordance to the experience and time.

Automatic Alternative Textr:

Image Optimization is a crucial part of On-Page Search Engine Optimization and it is not less than a hassle. Going to every image and adding the relevant keyword is really a time-consuming task.

This plugin is integrated with the advanced API that determines the content of the image and automatically ad the Alt text in the images.

The plugin hasn’t been updated since it’s launch.

Over to you:

Artificial Intelligence has a long way to go. In the future, it might take our lives by doing major jobs, especially in the IT sector. Critiques say that it would create unemployment, which in fact is “correct”, however, the world will surely witness another alternative for employment.

The plugins mentioned are new and highly-compatible. They are versatile and have the ability to adapt to the changes. Check them out and improve your presence in the online world.


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