9 Tools You Can Use To Make Professional Videos

9 Tools You Can Use To Make Professional Videos
08/09/2017 Wyze

9 Easy to Use Video Tools for e-Commerce Owners


In the course of a few years, videos have gone from being a useful marketing tool to a downright necessity.

With the rising popularity of explainer videos, apps like Snapchat, and video based advertising on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, today’s digitally aware consumers do not simply expect businesses to be in the video game anymore, they actually prefer it and hence seek such videos out.

Unfortunately, many e-Commerce Business Owners are hesitant to hop on the bandwagon that is video advertisement. This hesitance occurs mainly due to the natural unsurety of where to start. They are also worried about money, resources and a lack of video related skills, due to which they put it off in hopes that the trend will pass by and other marketing strategies will replace it. Well let me tell you that this scenario is highly unlikely to happen any time soon. Luckily though, joining the video marketing movement does not have to be an expensive venture. You could either take up Digital Marketing services provided by Digital Marketing Agencies such as MWM Studioz or you could try doing it on your own.

Below are just a few of the many e-Commerce video tools that make it both easy and affordable:

  1. Camtasia












 Camtasia has been around for a while now. And although it started off as a simple method of recording the actions on your computer screen, it is now considered as among the most strong video tools.                               

You can use it to record voiceovers, edit your video or even add yourself to the video through its green screen feature.

COST: The tool runs from $99 to $299 depending on your computer system.



  1. GoAnimate












With an extremely user-friendly drag and drop function, you can create fast, professional looking explainer videos with GoAnimate in order to demonstrate your products, convey buyer benefits, announce news or even conduct training!

With the help of GoAnimate you can even assign animated characters with written dialogues and GoAnimate will then sync the character’s lips to the words you write!

COST: The program rates start at $299 per year.

  1. Sellamations












Sellamations has a more hand-drawn approach when it comes to explainer videos, offering you with a more personalized, real-time doodles based on your scripts.

However, if you are not confident in your script writing or storyboarding abilities, Sellamations also offers these as add-on services. Professional voice overs are also an available option. This ranks among the most incredible video tools as it not only go with a hand-drawn approach but also it help you with your script writing.



  1. Magisto










Magisto helps you create videos quickly and easily. Though it does not allow for much practical customization, it does have elaborate automated features that let you change up the manner and mood of your videos.

Choose from different musical compositions or songs, select an appropriate visual editing theme of your choice, and most importantly add in special effects for your video through Magisto!

COST: Though the main app is free, there is, however, a paid Magisto for Business too, in case you want to unlock even more features.

  1. ScreenFlow












ScreenFlow is probably the finest screen casting one you’ll find as far as e-commerce video tools are concerned. It enables you to capture screen activity from desktops, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and even video cameras, enabling you to edit video and audio on separate tracks!


There are also built-in tools for annotating certain aspects of ScreenFlow such as, closed captions, green screens, and more. You can also go one step ahead and add filters to both audio and video! The bad news, however, is that ScreenFlow is only available on Apple devices.



  1. Facebook Slideshow










Do you have great stills (images) in your arsenal and want to boost your visibility on Facebook? Facebook Slideshow ranks among the best video tools of all time when it comes to boosting the visibility on Facebook.

It’s quick, it’s easy to use, and along with Facebook Ads Manager and Power Editor, it lets you create eye-catching video ads with just a few clicks of a button!


  1. Animoto











Animoto’s functions are much like that of Magisto, although Animoto’s business features can prove to be much more valuable. Animoto Business lets you ensure brand consistency across all your videos and ads by offering white label branding.

It also gives you access to more licensed music, unlimited editing features, professionally designed video styles and detailed analytics on your video once it’s gone live.




  1. Flipagram











Only have your phone on you? Use Flipagram to create expert level videos with just photos and clips from your smart phone! You can add your very own narration for the video using your phone’s microphone or even upload music to it straight from your device!

COST: This app is 100% free on iTunes!



  1. Videoshop












Besides its similarity in functions to other tools on this list (it lets you combine videos and images directly from your device), Videoshop is more customizable than those other tools.

You can organize, trim and arrange your clips to better fit your narrative with ease, and you can also add in transitions, text or even slow-mo/fast-forward effects through Videoshop!

Once you are done adding these available options, there are various filters to choose from, and you can use them to create a customized title style to fit the video’s theme.











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