Top White Hat Seo Practices Of 2018

Top White Hat Seo Practices Of 2018
15/11/2018 daniyal shamsi

Top White Hat Seo Practices Of 2018

If you are the writer, editor, or the Seo person in your office, I know how difficult it is to rank a website. The task of explaining it to the non-Seo person can be really daunting, and at times it really sucks!

Although Google is filled with blogs telling you about the content you should use to rank high, but only a few will tell you the missing parts. I am here to share some useful insights about white Hat Seo Practices that carries a significant strength in Google Algorithm.

white hat seoCalm your nerves, remove everything from your mind you might have about Seo. If you are having a hard time in ranking your page, I am here to help you out.

Know this first. “Google Algorithm incorporates thousands of signals when determining the rank of a page. Therefore, It is significant to know the important factors that carries the most weight in delivering positive result and a decent ROI.”


Mobile Friendly Website:

This is one of the most important features of White Hat Seo. Having a mobile friendly website is the key to rank high in Google Search Engine. In fact, Google is now doubling down on mobile friendliness factor and the places where the content isn’t easily accessible from the mobile will find a hard time in ranking their page.

So if you have got my point, check out whether your website or your blog page is mobile friendly. Click the Search Console Account and view the Mobile Usability Report and then If there’s a problem, you need to fix it.

If something like this appears, you are all set to move ahead!

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Focus On User Experience:

It’s all about the user experience. Google has always encouraged webmasters to make their primary focus on making their website User Friendly. It is indeed very important to determine a user’s intent when he or she is visiting your website.

For Example:

I visited a mart, and I couldn’t find the relevant stuff. Why I would I stay on that mart any longer?

Similarly, think from the user’s mind. What would be the first impression when they will visit your website?

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Therefore, incorporate UX best practices are necessary. Google is filled with decent templates that can help you achieve the target.

SEO Title, URL & Meta Description:

This is one of the most overlooked White Hat Seo factors that are often neglected because many believe that “It carries a minute weight in Google Ranking.” Even if I agree with this, still Meta descriptions have much value when it comes to website traffic.

Most of the people click the link if the Meta seems interesting, otherwise, scrolling looks easy to them. Meta is the picture of your website especially for an ecommerce store, it tells a customer about the products listed.

A catchy Meta Description like “You will not find anything more vibrant and compelling this season. Don’t believe us, just click the blue link” will get more clicks than this

Best Summer Collection, unstitched lawn, casual shirts etc

If you are finding hard time in searching relevant keyword for your website, then say thanks to Moz and ahref. Both of them give the accessibility to find the relevant keywords along with the difficulty level

Use the relevant keywords in your Meta & Title; otherwise, stop dreaming to rank high.

Moreover, check out the link. It shouldn’t be lengthy and complex. An ideal link will contain the website URL + the keyword. That’s enough, nothing more than that.

And it can be stated without a doubt that the URL carries strong weight in Google Search Engine and a complex one will definitely be ignored by Google.

Make a Content Calendar Better Than Your Competitors:

I am sure my audience is mature enough to know the importance of an engaging content. But its 2018, you have to take a step ahead.

Check your competitors and their content. If they are making it better than you, then you need to revamp everything and make a better content calendar. Yes, this is indeed important. A good content gives a healthy impression of a business while it increases the chances of getting good leads.

Content is among the top Google Ranking Factors and is a major part of White Hat Seo, the need of making it compelling and to the point is very essential.

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We all have the word “Great Content.” But how do you define great content?

The key to a great content lies in “Useful Content” rather than writing bomb vocabulary. Think from a user’s mind every time you look to write web content.

Link Building:

If you have been ignoring the link building factor, now is the time to do it. Link Building acts as a backbone to White Hat Seo as it plays a defining role in ranking of a website. Without it, all of the above factors are useless.

There are some who say “Soon links will be less important in ranking” But the fact is, that time is nowhere near to be seen. So if you want a good ranking, you have to work on link building.

The key is to find the right link. The right link would be the ones relevant to your website/services. Instead of creating thousands of links, you need to find the high profile link that can help you generate a good traffic.


What does it do? It’s simple. A sitemap submitted to Google helps in locating your business and it gives Google a roadmap to your landing pages. So you haven’t submitted it to the google search console, please do it then.

Over to you

Although there are many other useful White Hat Seo Practices, I have shared the most important of all. Work on your technical Seo part as well as on the content creation to generate more traffic and leads. Try focusing more on On-page Seo as that is the key to progress.

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