How to Stream Games to Facebook Live In 2018

How to Stream Games to Facebook Live In 2018
15/11/2018 daniyal shamsi

How to Stream Games to Facebook Live In 2018

There was a time when Facebook live was limited to Vlogging and funny cat videos. But in 2018, it’s more than that.

facebook live

It can be stated without a doubt that Facebook Live is drastically becoming a viable alternative for aspiring video game streamers. It now lets you stream PC games directly via its live platform through external sources.

Let’s get started

  1. Check on and click create Live stream

facebook live      2. Choose one option from the following

  • Stream to be posted on your Timeline
  • Stream to be posted on a specific group

3. Copy down the server URL and the stream key

facebook live

4. Name your stream and mention the game you are playing

facebook live

5. And now click “Start Streaming” in your streaming app of choice

facebook live

6. Once you see the preview of your game, click the “GO Live” button

facebook live

You are now live and your friends can see you in their competition. Either you are playing Battleground or residential evil; you can monitor your chat room while making sure that everything is working fine. Facebook also allows you to download your broadcast after you finish gaming.

There are many other options to go live on Facebook. Games like #OverWatch and #Hearthstone have built-in Facebook Live feature that let you broadcast with an external source.

Facebook live isn’t limited to gaming etc, but it also gives a decent platform to the brands for their interaction with the customers. It manipulates the confidence & trust of the customer on a particular brand. It’s fun for the customers to see the operations of the brand behind the closed doors. What else is a better way of earning massive engagement for free?

Despite being a great innovation, there hasn’t been any sort of interaction done by the brands via Facebook Live.

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