Do you want more Traffic?

Do you want more Traffic?

Seo, the only way to score well!

Take a bow, everyone, and then take a deep breath.

You deserve a bow because you have the will to rank higher. You are still searching the web to make your online presence better & better. Good Job!

Now take a deep breath because it isn’t that easy. You just can’t do this in the blink of an eye.

I am not starting a fictitious argument neither with a catchy caption that would say “Spark in Google Rankings with SEO in the next 7 days”.

When it comes to SEO, Google now uses more than 200+ factors in its algorithms such as social signals, user interaction, and trust. Off course, it isn’t possible to focus on all the factors at one time, but it’s important to know the most useful one.

I am here to show you some live examples of my work and how I succeeded in generating humongous organic traffic & leads for one of my clients.



Have a look at this one. This is the ranking check of my client that I achieved within a few months.

YES, that’s right. I increased their traffic by 100% in 6 months without spending a single dollar. This is all organic.










Majority of the keywords listed above have a large search volume that makes it difficult to rank. But thanks to our advanced SEO practices that enabled us to achieve the top ranking.

Not only I was able to rank higher using outmost SEO tactics but also I was able to maintain the position.

I know my stuff. Experimenting with different SEO techniques for a higher search volume is a major part of my profession and my results are the written proof of my work. I have done the same for many other companies.

I am listing down some important practices of White hat SEO & general SEO practices that should be considered before aiming to rank higher.

  1. Focus more on On-Page Seo: Be careful with the meta & titles.
  2. Know your competitors who have a common goal.
  3. Learn their practices through useful analytics.
  4. Choose the relevant keywords & use it correctly to gain a higher ranking
  5. Don’t ignore the off-page Seo
  6. Go for high profile links instead of feeding 1000 links in a day
  7. Use current practices of backlinking / Blog Commenting Practices.
  8. Earn engagement through forums.
  9. Make sure your website is Mobile Friendly as most of the organic traffic comes from there.
  10. Focus on the BLOGS.
  11. Optimize your pages until you reach “All Greens”.
  12. Focus on User Experience.
  13. Focus on your content: Create – Research – Measure – Promote – Publish – Optimize
  14. Link Building.
  15. SiteMaps.

There are 100 other useful strategies that I use in achieving higher search rankings. This is the main reason why I have been working with renowned names & brands like the ones below:

I do believe that the same practices don’t work for all. That’s why I focus more time on understanding the business & its competitors before making a strategy. To this day, I, as an employee of the leading Digital Agency, MWM Studioz, can proudly say that we are the maestro in driving qualified traffic to virtually any business online.

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