6 of the Most Effective Search Engine Optimisation Tools

6 of the Most Effective Search Engine Optimisation Tools
10/07/2017 Wyze

6 of the Most Effective Search Engine Optimisation Tools

Every other person who operates an E-commerce platform wants customers and consumers to flood their websites to make use of the services offered by their platform. And why shouldn’t these budding entrepreneurs want people to flock to their online stores? Conversions are the lifeblood of e-commerce, after all. However, an issue presents itself when the people looking for numerous services and products are unable to locate sites that offer them. This is why it is critical for website owners to take full and complete advantage of numerous search engine optimisation tools which will help you rank at the top of search engine result pages.

However, an issue presents itself when the people looking for numerous services and products are unable to locate websites that offer them, as these websites cannot be found by Google’s search engine crawler.

This is why it is crucial for website owners to take full and complete advantage of numerous search engine optimisation tools which will help them rank at the top of SERP’s (search engine result pages).

Some of these statistics are disconcerting, to say the least. With 61% of global internet users researching products online, it has never been more important to need a winning search engine optimisation strategy.

To explain it in layman terms; 75% of consumers do not look past the search engine results on the first page (even then only being limited to the top 5 results), with 33% of clicks going to the first result on Google. You will not be able to rank anywhere near the top on SERP’s unless you make use of search engine optimisation tools and techniques, whether they be organic or paid.

Our team over at MWMstudioz recognises the need for an effective and efficient search engine optimisation strategy, we have compiled a list of the best SEO tools that you can make use of today to increase the “findability” of your website for consumers by helping you rank at the top of SERP’s.

If you need a refresher course on the basics of search engine optimisation, click here.


Search Engine Optimisation

MOZ was engineered from the ground up. Starting out as an SEO consulting company 2004, they launched the first rendition of their MOZ Pro application in 2007 and have gone on to offer a wide variety of search engine optimisation services; ranging from keyword research (which helps you stay up-to-date on keyword rankings) ,link building (which allows you to access and evaluate the most important links) ,site auditing (which gives you the ability to identify problems in your site) ,and many more services.

MOZ Pro has been regarded as the complete all-in-one package for search engine optimisation by many businesses and business owners. It is initially available with a 30-day free trial, followed by monthly plans, with varying degrees of accessibility and use, priced at $99, $149, $249 and $599, respectively. There are also yearly plans which can be viewed on their website.


Search Engine Optimisation

SpyFu has been regarded as an invaluable resource when it comes to web design and the generation of website leads. However, what sets SpyFu apart from its competition is its massive collection of tools for search engine optimisation (SEO), Pay-per-click marketing (PPC), and an extensive keyword research tool.

The Search Engine Optimisation tool embedded in SpyFu allows you to access detailed information regarding your top competitors and the keywords that they make use of.

SpyFu also allows you to make use of a Pay-Per-Click research tool, which provides you with suggestions on the best keywords to make use of. It also gives you competitor insight, which is essential in understanding what works for your competitors and what isn’t worth working on.

Additionally, you can make use of the keyword research tool in the SpyFu. This tool gives you an enhanced insight into which keywords are most popular, among other keyword related statistics. You can also implement your desired keyword into a specially crafted search engine optimisation strategy.

SpyFu is featured in three pricing plans encompassing a “Basic”, “Professional” and “Team” plan.


Search Engine Optimisation

Another extremely popular tool for competitor research and keyword research is SEMrush. SEMrush provides you with comprehensive data encompassing these two functionalities. However, it does not include the ability to conduct research from a pay-per-click point of view, the two features which it does promote are presented exceedingly well.

The main feature of SEMrush which put it directly under the lens of many search engine optimisation experts and marketing professionals alike was probably its ability to give you a comprehensive rundown of competitor websites, which includes metrics such as organic search traffic, paid search traffic and the number of backlinks.

Additionally, SEMrush can be used for competitive keyword research. This tool lets you see keyword rankings alongside organic search results and the total number of results available.

SEMrush also features site audit functionality. What this means is that it allows you to weed out any search engine optimisation related issues on your website, allowing you to quickly correct them to boost your rankings.

SEMrush is featured in 3 monthly plans offered at $99, $199 and $399.


Search Engine Optimisation

Ahrefs; an all-in-one search engine optimisation tool which gives you the ability to uncover the best keywords and analyse the efforts of your competitors to craft a strategy that is based on what will work best for your business.

The focus of the Ahref SEO tool is keyword research and competitor analysis.

Focusing on and trying to understand the strategy of your competition is a sure-fire way of understanding what works and what does not. You can use this tool to go above and beyond your competition, pushing your ranking up on SERP’s.

Ahref provides you with a site explorer tool, which provides access to a wide variety of search metrics such as traffic data and backlinks. You can use this data to understand where backlinks are present, what keywords are being targeted and where backlinks link back to.

Moreover, the presence of a keyword research feature further sweetens the deal. It gives you access to basic keyword metrics, such as clicks and search volume, based on keyword difficulty, which is based on the number of referring domains.

Ahref is featured in 4 plans that include “Lite”, “Standard”, “Advanced” and “Agency” at $99, $179, $399, and $999 respectively.


Search Engine Optimisation

Majestic is a fantastic tool you can take advantage of for comprehensive link building campaigns, alongside analysis of links. It provides you with data that is easy to interpret and has an easy-to-use interface that promotes user friendliness and accessibility.

Moreover, it includes a wide array of search engine optimisation tools which include a site explorer, a backlink checker and a compare tool among others.

Majestic can be purchased in a “Lite”, “Pro” or “API” package at your convenience.

Google AdWords Planner

I know that so far, I have only included search engine optimisation tools which need to be bought in order to take full advantage of their tools and features. However, I could not help but include the Holy Grail among the free search engine optimisation tool which is the Google AdWords Planner.

This tool is being made use of by a wide variety of businesses and brands, as it allows you to take advantage of carefully selected keywords to reach your intended audience.

You can use this tool to discover all new keywords and see how often specific keywords are being used. This allows you to whittle down your list of keywords to create a strategy that is much more focused on quality.

Final Thoughts:

Everybody in the E-commerce business strives to climb their way to the top. To do this, they seek to take advantage of search engine optimisation tools. But before you decide to invest valuable time and money into any one of these tools, you need to understand that search engine optimisation is a lengthy process that spans over a certain period of time.

It does NOT happen overnight.

Moreover, tools such as MOZ Pro and Majestic can only provide you with data which, although valuable, cannot fix the issues within your website. You will have to make the initiative and take effective action to improve your website rankings.

Do you need help in setting up your own e-commerce platform? We can loan you our expertise on search engine optimisation and e-commerce. Just leave a comment below or get in touch with us at contact@mwmstudioz.com.

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