Schema Markup & Structured Data SEO Opportunities Guide – By Site Type

Schema Markup & Structured Data SEO Opportunities Guide – By Site Type
18/10/2017 Wyze
Schema Markup & Structured Data SEO Opportunities

A Guide To Schema Markup & Structured Data SEO Opportunities By Site Type

With the help of Structured Data you can send right signals about your content and business to search engines.

A great way to create signals that are search engine friendly and that indirectly impact your search ranking is by using the Structured Data. Using structured data such as schema markup enables the search engines to better understand the content on your website and also enhances the search visibility by using snippets, knowledge graph results and featured snippets.

As Google has recently announced, structured data markup may be added as a ranking factor.  After such an announcement it is evident that Schema markup is becoming more and more important to Google and thus it is important that you execute schema markup to your website.

When it comes to using schemas on your website, you may face difficulty in determining which schemas you should be using. To help you with your decision, we have tried to list down schemas that you use depending on the type of website you have, while some of them can be used across all websites.

All Sites

The Schema markup that are listed below are not specific to a single industry and can used on all website types.

Organization Schema Markup

This schema markup known as organization  schema markup will help generate brand signals which will in turn improve your Knowledge Graph entry and also the website snippet presence in the search engine results page.

Make sure that you specify your logosocial profile links and corporate contact information.

Organization Schema Markup

Example (using JSON-LD)










Google Resource Page: Customizing Your Knowledge Graph


WebSite Schema Markup

WebSite schema markup will produce Sitelinks Search Box for brand SERPs which will assist your site name to appear in the search results. In order to enable Sitelinks Search Box element, you need to have an existing site search in your website.

Example (using JSON-LD)






Google Resource Pages:



Breadcrumbs Markup

BreadcrumbList schema will generate breadcrumb rich snippets for your pages in the SERPs by allowing you to mark up breadcrumbs on your website.





Example (using microdata)








Google Resource Page: Breadcrumbs


Site Navigation Schema Markup

You can help the search engine to have a better understanding of your website’s structure and navigation and effect organic sitelinks by using SiteNavigationElement markup.











Example (using microdata)







Resource Page: SiteNavigationElement (on

Video Schema Markup

VideoObject will help video rich snippets to appear in Google Video Search for your Web pages. Normally, Google displays video rich snippets for videos that are on YouTube.










Required Properties:

  • Name.
  • Description.
  • ThumbnailUrl.
  • UploadDate.

Example (using microdata)






Google Resource Page: Enabling Rich Snippets for Videos


Schema Software Application Markup

You can leverage the SoftwareApplication markup on your software apps in order to allow app rich snippets.





Required Properties: “name” is the only required property, however Googles notes that currently in order to show rich snippets for apps, the following two properties are a must: AggregateRating (including ratingValue and either ratingCount or reviewCount).  AggregateRating (including ratingValue and either ratingCount or reviewCount).

  • AggregateRating (including ratingValue and either ratingCount or reviewCount).
  • Offers.
  • OperatingSystem.
  • ApplicationCategory.

Example (using microdata)








E-Commerce Sites

Schema Product & Offer Markup

To make product information appear in the SERPs, that includes price and status information, the  Product and Offer markups may prove to be helpful. In order to make the price visible in Google SERPs the offer markup is required and necessary.






Required Properties:

  • the only requirement for the product schema is the “name” property
  • “price” and “priceCurrency” properties are needed for the Offer Schema

Example (using microdata)





Google Resource Page: Enabling Rich Snippets for Products

Schema Rating Markup

The primary usage of the Rating schema is with the e-commerce, although it can also be used in local business site such as a website for a resturaunt. You may want to use the AggregateRating schema for an item that has multiple ratings.

Example (using microdata)







Google Resource Page: Enabling Rich Snippets for Reviews and Ratings


Publisher Sites

Schema Article Markup

NewsArticle or BlogPosting schemas are recommended for you if you are a publisher website. Depending on your site and content you can choose either one.


With the help of these markups you can make your content appear in search suggestions such Google News and In depth article searches.

Required Properties:

  • Headline.
  • Image
  • DatePublished.








Example (using JSON-LD)









Google Resource Page: Enabling Rich Snippets for Articles

Local Business Sites

Schema Local Business Markup

LocalBusiness and PostalAddress schema can help you with creating an impact on your local listings. The implementation of this markup can prove to be beneficial on sites with brick-and-mortar locations. You can indicate your opening hours, physical address and payments types that you accept by using the above mentioned schemas.


(Note: Keep in mind that there are also industry-specific schemas, such as AutomotiveBusiness, SelfStorage, TravelAgency and many more.) <

img class=”aligncenter has-border size-full wp-image-231163″ src=”” alt=”Local Business Schema Markup” width=”1036″ height=”674″ />

Example (using microdata)





Resource Pages:


Event Sites

Event Schema Markup

If you have a site which organizes events or musical concerts and want to to generate event rich snippets, you can use the the Event markup.






Example (using JSON-LD)











Google Resource Page: Enabling Rich Snippets for Events. Note: You can also promote your events in Google’s Knowledge Graph; get more info here: Listing Your Events in the Knowledge Graph.

Recipe Sites

Recipe Schema Markup

If you are wanting to enable recipe rich snippets for recipe websites, you can leverage Recipe schema markup






Required Properties: The only required property is the “name,” but Google notes that rich snippets are currently only shown for recipes that include at least two of the following properties:


  • At least one of prepTime, cookTime, totalTime or ingredients.
  • Image.
  • NutritionInformation.
  • Review.

Example (using microdata)













Google Resource Page: Enabling Rich Snippets for Recipes

Personal Sites

Schema Person Markup

In order to influence knowledge graph results of an individual the Person markup can be leveraged.












Example from










Resource Page: Person (on

You can monitor and test your schema and Structured data markup with the help of the resources mentioned below

You can Read more here in order to become familiar with the penalties that you may get hit with if you do not follow the guidelines for structured data by Google. Get your Seo done with the NO 1 Seo Company In Pakistan.

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