The Plight Of The Social Media Manager

The Plight Of The Social Media Manager
08/08/2017 Wyze
The Plight of the Social Media Manager

The Plight of the Social Media Manager

Over the years, internet based social media avenues have become increasingly popular. Websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat have caught on like wildfire due to the overwhelming necessity for people to converse with other people at all times, whether the conversation takes place through the sharing of pictures or through the posting of amusing thoughts in the form of blurbs. This form of communication and interaction has been readily adopted by numerous brands and businesses, who have begun using social media to the utmost of its potential because connecting with their intended target audience has become a breeze and they are pushing the boundaries of what is possible every day.

Due to this rapid expansion of various social media platforms, social media management has become an utmost necessity for most businesses and brands, as it offers up solutions to help you efficiently manage incoming and outgoing social interactions. It helps you streamline and consolidate your efforts over a massive array of platforms, with varying audiences.

Additionally, these platforms can help you enhance your social media presence by putting your brand on the forefront of interactions with your consumer and by helping you monitor what the general population is saying about the recent endeavours of your brand/business.

All of this can be accomplished if you invest in crafting a team of dedicated employees to manage your social media presence, and you can make use of a variety of social media management tools; some of which I will talk about below; which can help you truly streamline your social media management efforts.

Social Media Managers have one of the most important duties when it comes to managing the digital assets of a brand. Social media managers are supposed to keep their ear to the ground – or to their smartphones, in this case – and keep an ever watchful eye on the constantly changing environment of their brand or business. It is vital for a social media manager to become a part of the online conversation a brand may be having with its followers, and it is also their responsibility to think of exciting and innovative ways to engage with their followers.

Furthermore, a social media manager also holds the vital responsibility of mitigating any negative experiences consumers may have had with their brand/business. This has never been easier as in today’s day and age of enhanced interactivity; social media managers of brands are able to keep a close eye on what people are saying about them, and craft carefully curated solutions which are based on the response from their audiences.

Tools of the trade:

Although the job of the social media manager has only gotten much more complex over the years – due to the rapidly evolving climate of social media platforms as a whole – there are a variety of tools which have been created to help social media managers in their plight. Tools such as HubSpot, EveryPost, and Hootsuite contain an array of different options and tools to help you streamline your management efforts and provide you with a smoother way to manage the numerous social media accounts of your brand.

It is important to note that not all the tools available for social media management will do what you need them to. As such, it is important to first understand what exactly you need when it comes to managing your social media profile.

The most significant features that any social media tool should possess has been summarised quite eloquently in this infographic which was created by a social media monitoring company known as Buzzlogix.


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