03/11/2016 Wyze

The objective which was clearly to increase the foot traffic of Nike retail stores was achieved and the success rate was above par, as their stores were jam-packed with customers waiting in queues to bill their purchases. It was clear that the traffic that had been generated at the retail outlets was not merely window shoppers but genuine buyers who knew exactly what they had come to purchase.

Nike, a brand known all across the world for its innovative and pioneering sports merchandise, has a strong brand equity in Pakistan as well. Nike merchandise is sold at flagship stores in the major cities of Pakistan.

Nike aimed on boosting their retail stores footfall by attracting potential customers. With an ongoing digital strategy crafted by MWM Studioz, Nike had been able to build a sound community on social platforms which had been creating a steady traction at the retail stores. However, in order to measure the efficiency of the ongoing strategy, Nike had devised an End of Season Sale and wanted it to communicate it on all social platforms and measure its impact.

The campaign duration was 3 weeks in which all relevant tools had to be used to communicate the ESS to the relevant audience that not only brought Nike an increased footfall but a store traffic that consisted of genuine buyers and not window shoppers. The tools used were:

  1. Facebook &Instagram
    Facebook and Instagram are the two platforms which can be efficiently used to display and communicate the message through visuals and text. Also, a great chunk of the target audience of Nike is present on these two platforms which helped in developing a useful two-way communication and a notable presence.
  2. Google Display Network
    A great way to follow your customer is through GDN, simply by keeping a track of their interests and reaching them at all the significant places on their internet. Not only were the advertisements targeted towards the genuine audience but the placement of the ads was so apt that it drove a great amount of traffic to the website as well.


  • Social media fan base increase by 20% with the addition of new followers.
  • Retail stores across Pakistan reported a tremendous increase in revenue and foot traffic.
  • Total reach amounted to be 150,000 which also increased the organic reach by 50%.
  • Engagement on social media resulted in a 350% increase.
  • Queries related to store timings and locations increased on Facebook by a massive 300%.

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