KVTC Sponsor A Trainee Facebook Canvas

KVTC Sponsor A Trainee Facebook Canvas
03/11/2016 Wyze

Facebook Canvas

Facebook Canvas is a feature rolled out in late February of 2016. Facebook Canvas offers digital marketers to advertise their brands by telling stories in aninnovative way. With the option of sharing videos, pictures and carousel ads earlier on Facebook, brands were already expressing a lot and creating excitement to engage fans. But what is different about Canvas is that it enables you to share pictures, videos, links and text all at one place.

How storytelling changes in Canvas is when a user taps on to the ad, they enter the Canvas where they can tilt, rotate and move the ad by scrolling down which gives the feel of listening to a narrative or watching a motion picture. With the option of combing videos, pictures and text, users are exposed to everything the brand wants to say in only a single ad.

Karachi Vocational and Training Center

The first experiment done by MWM Studioz on Canvas was for a campaign made for Karachi Vocational Training Centre. KVTC is a training center based in Karachi since 1991, aiming to provide rehabilitation to people with intellectual and physical.Since the organization works on the basis of charity and donations to finance the well-functioning of their services, it is imperative for them to attract potential donors who can support and sponsor every trainee in need for financial assistance to continue with their training.

Sponsor a Trainee

With Canvas being rolled out with the exact timing of launching the KVTC ‘SponsorA Trainee’ Campaign, MWM Studioz believed that it would be the perfect means of communicating the message to the audience instead of sharing content through the already present image and video posts.

It firstly played a video showing all of KVTC’s achievements and its activities as to how they facilitate their trainees and the vocational skills that are provided during their training.

A short and crisp video blended with words that gave the appropriate message was the opening of the Canvas. The video is followed by pictures that can be seen after scrolling down in the Canvas that convey the messages about how their support is crucial towards the future of the trainees. This finally leads to the call-to-action button at the bottom of the Canvas which redirects the user to the landing page of the trainee on the website, where they can fill in a form and make their donations.

The Result

The response of this campaign was spectacular and above par as to what was expected. The campaign generated 170000 impressions and 4374 website clicks and 5000 new likes on the page resulting in massive engagement. The campaign was successful in reaching their targets for collecting funds for the students at KVTC.

Many of our campaigns to be posted on Canvas are in the pipeline presently and we are constantly trying to make it better for our audience to ensure that our brands make full use of this opportunity.

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