JB Saeed Studio Loyalty Program

JB Saeed Studio Loyalty Program
18/11/2016 Wyze
JB Saeed Studio

If you build it will they come?

JB Saeed Studio

Well that’s entirely not true, it merely means that if you put enough thought and energy into a project, the likelihood of it becoming a success increases.

Such is the case of Jb Saeed Studio which is Pakistan’s favorite Home Improvement Solutions retailer established in 1933. It carries products in categories ranging from Household Accessories, Bathroom Accessories, Kitchenware and Hardware Accessories and enjoys significant prestige among the middle to higher income bracket customer.

JB Saeed Studio: The Complete Home Solution

The retailer already has channel partnerships with several world renowned home improvement solutions brands. Anticipating the improving economic conditions of Pakistan and to cater to broader income groups and households, JB Saeed Studio decided to widen its product range by introducing more brands which led to the need to increase its customer base.

JB Saeed Studio

Acquiring New Customers

Objective was to bring in new customers in JB Saeed Studio’s ecosystem and to increase the repeat purchase rate of existing customers and also to ensure that the customer acquisition cost remains low. A digital strategy was formulated by MWM Studioz which suggested that a loyalty program be initiated that would ensure more returning customers and entice the first time buyers to become loyal customers.

Customer Rewards Program

We believe in keeping it simple for both our clients and their customers. Hence, the loyalty program titled, ‘Customer Rewards Program’ was introduced. The mechanism was simple and worked like any other Rewards Program, where customers are encouraged to spend more while earning rewards that can be redeemed on their future purchases.

JB Saeed Studio

The first task was to bring people on board and to do so we created personas that would best fit the profiles of the target audience. The mediums used to run the campaign were mainly Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram. But again, if you build will they come? Well they will come looking if you reach them at the right time and place. The personas we created were based around affinity and in market segments.

For example, people or their friends who are building or renovating houses, home decor enthusiasts, architects, etc.

JB Saeed Studio

So, Did They Come?

The result was spectacular as the entries started flowing in great numbers. Our campaigns received good relevance scores and click through rates. The entire user behavior was monitored via Google Analytics’ event tracking and goal conversion tracking.

Landing pages were A/B tested along with heat maps to gain data for the overall user experience and to make it better each time a new visitor comes on the website.

The Result

The whole campaign bagged good numbers resulting in 20,000 applications from Karachi, Pakistan alone, witnessing 20 times ROI on the money spent on social media platforms such as Facebook, Google Ads and Instagram.

Engagement rose by 78%, while traffic on the website during the month-long campaign had tripled with over 60% new sessions.

An even better end to the story is that the in-market segments enabled JB Saeed Studio to evaluate precisely as to what type of products are most liked by their customers. On the flip side, the customers can also find their favorite products, all under one roof. Surely, this is a recipe for a long-lasting relationship between the brand and its customers.

A Promising Future

Executing the loyalty program and bringing new customers onboard was only the first part of the strategy. Acquisition of this data now brings us to the second phase of this strategy where we can entice new customers to make their first purchase. As we already know that these people are interested in JB Saeed Studio’s products all that is to be done is to trigger a strong medium of communication that strengthens the relationship between the brand and its customers.

JB Saeed Studio

Please check back again soon, we will post the results of Phase 2 soon.

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