Top Facebook Updates You Should Know – Advertising Techniques

Top Facebook Updates You Should Know – Advertising Techniques
07/11/2018 daniyal shamsi
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Top Facebook updates You Should Know – Advertising Techniques

It can be stated without a doubt that social media platforms have played a defining role in the development of an economy, Big & Small Businesses, society, and off-course advertising.

Like Google, facebook ecosystem does change with the passage of time so do the advertising techniques. Facebook updates are indeed very important especially for the advertisers looking to market their product/business via Facebook.

I have picked some of the most important Facebook updates made in October 2018 by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO.

If you are a pro in digital marketing and playing the advertisement on various social platforms, you still need to know these powerful Facebook updates to leg up on everyone else.

So here we go.

  • Now you can measure your marketing strategy performance that includes app events and Offline Conversions, and view-based conversions and Custom Ads and much more. So Say hello to “Facebook Attribution.”
  • Now you can add Instant Forms in ad campaigns with brand awareness with the magnified version of lead forums. Say welcome to “Facebook Instant Forms.”
  • Facebook has bought a complete set of choices for video ad buyers that are made according to the video watch behaviors of people around the globe. Scroll down to see the details!
  • Four noticeable features have been introduced in the Facebook Ads Manager. It can help you reach a better and productive market.
  • Facebook has launched its much needed “Facebook Marketing Consultants Program” that is introduced to solely to assist businesses and advertisers in their complex growth.

The struggle to keep the heads high in the world of advertisement can be daunting if you aren’t aware of the hottest facebook updates mainly concerning advertising. Facebook works on the same goal of providing its advertisers a better platform to have more exposure and growth through effective advertising tools.

Here’s the detail of the above-mentioned Facebook updates; Don’t miss out the useful insights!

1.The hottest Feature; “Facebook Attribution”

Understanding sales and leads along with the customer’s journey is the most vital aspect for any advertiser looking to boost up their revenue. At the end of the day, what matter is the revenue generated against the invested amount.

facebook updates

If you have been struggling with your advertising, this update may make things easier for you.

This significant Facebook update is an instrumental measuring tool that is designed to give advertisers a holistic view of digital advertisements. With the help of this feature, you can check the performance of your ads on major social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

  1. Ads Performance
  2. Business Results
  3. Customers Engagement
  4. Conversion Rate

From now on, you can even check on which device your customers engaged with your ads, and off course the conversion. According to a research, 45% of the digital touchpoints are either missed or ignored by the advertisers. This new facebook update is completely changing the way digital advertising is done.

2.Instant Forms:

We all know about the old feature, instant forms that worked on providing a business the useful insights to customer interest including event registrations, sample requests, newsletter signups etc.

So what’s new?

Businesses can now include instant forms in their ad campaigns with target objectives & brand awareness. Adding the contact form had so far been very fruitful as those who used it witness a rapid increase in their conversions.

You aren’t losing anything in trying this fabulous Facebook Update.

Moreover, you can even check where the form was submitted; whether it was from facebook or instagram. This way, you can check your channels effectiveness in measuring your advertisement.

3.More Choices for Video Ad Buyers:

With more flexibility and control over the ad placements, this incredible Facebook update allows the advertisers to optimize and pay only for ads that have a decent watch time.

Let’s take a glance to some of the placements you can make before running your ad campaigns:

In-Stream Reserves: This allows the advertisers to reach people that have a high watch time and are verified by ne Nielsen.

In-Stream Reserves Categories: This enables the advertiser to choose the content packages from specific niches like fashion, sports, entertainment etc.

Thru Play: This way, you will have to pay for the ads that are watched till completion or for at least 15 seconds.

Obviously, those people who haven’t watch your video completely will not be useful to you. This Facebook Update can be claimed as one of the massive updates of all time.

4.Facebook Ads Manager:

Facebook Ads Manager is the backbone of any digital agency or advertiser that is working on paid campaigns in reaching out the target audience. The latest Facebook update has bought many significant changes in its Ads Manager, However, 4 of the most important are mentioned below:

facebook updates

If your business relies heavily on the mobile application then you need to know 2 things:

  • First of all, an approximate of 10% to 12% of users stay active within the first 7 days after downloading an app.
  • Only 4% to 5% stay active after 30 days.

Know your goal; you need to pitch those customers who are more likely to return to your application.

The latest Facebook update basically helps you to run targeted App Campaigns that contain the highly engaged audience relevant to your business.

Not to miss, the new feature is also competent to measure the performance of your app targeted campaigns. This is done with the help of dynamic creative, a tool that is designed to measure every bit of your ad campaigns.

5.Facebook Marketing Consultants Program

Facebook has a team of marketing experts that are always available to assist advertisers in dealing with their toughest marketing challenges. The complex business growth along with the complex advertisements was raising the need for an effective support of experts.

That’s why Facebook launched the marketing consultants. So if you are marketing experts and holds the proficiency in all aspect of digital marketing including Facebook ads, pixels, shopping feeds, and other similar technologies; you can become a vetted Marketing Consultant.

I hope this guide to Facebook Updates will help you run better ads with a greater ROI. Don’t forget to say a word! Thank you.

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