Facebook Relevance Score: Everything You Need To know In 2018

Facebook Relevance Score: Everything You Need To know In 2018
07/11/2018 daniyal shamsi

Facebook Relevance Score: Everything You Need To know In 2018

So how do you judge your audience’s reaction to your advertising campaigns? It was in 2015 when Facebook came up with this sweet feature of relevance score. It was solely introduced to give a better experience to its users looking to market their businesses, digitally. Facebook relevance score describes how well your Advertising campaigns fit with its audience.

Facebook relevance score is between 1 to 10 which describes your audience reaction to a particular campaign or a post. A low relevance score (1-4) will ultimately lead to facebook restricting your ads reach. On the other hand, a high relevance score (6-10) is more like a success as it will reduce your campaign’s CPC & CPA.

So how does facebook algorithm detects the relevance score?

With thousands of advertisers trying to reach overlapping audiences, the one with the highest budget and the relevant ad would win. If you are about to start a campaign or a paid post, make sure to give it a last glance and check its relevancy.

facebook relevance Score

How to check the Facebook Relevance Score?

You can easily check your relevance score of “facebook ads” in your ad manager. Just click the “performance and click button” and check the performance of your advertising campaigns.

facebook relevance score

The Benefits Of A High Facebook Relevance Score

Now you might be wondering what can be achieved by a high relevance score. We already discussed that the relevancy score tell the advertiser whether the ad has reached to its target audience and has transformed any conversions or not.

Facebook relevance Score is beneficial in several ways. Let’s make it simpler.

Facebook relevance score

Let’s take an ad made by the best designer in the world. The ad features women clothing and has the perfect copy written on it. If the ad is being promoted to a male audience of age (13 to 18), do you think it will gain a decent relevance score? No, right? Low relevance score would be very obvious no matter how well it has been created.

On the other hand, an ad with a decent design and a copy with the perfect audience will definitely enjoy a health relevance score.

This is very simple. The ad should be relevant and precise. Moreover, it should be directed to the perfect audience. Where would you find your perfect audience? For that, you will have to experiment and analyze your ad campaigns whether or not they are making conversions.

How can we achieve higher Facebook Relevance Scores?

So finally, we have reached to main question. The above explanation was necessary for the newbie’s who are looking to market their business digitally via paid campaigns.

Before making an advertising copy or selecting an audience, Remember, the end goal is to make people love your ad campaigns.

  • Analyze your Target Audience:

Facebook is used by 1.3 billion people in the world which is almost a quarter of humanity. Not everyone is the one who should be seeing your ads campaigns. Not everyone would buy or click your ads. Therefore, it would be absolute irrelevant and foolish to blow your paid campaign in the air without selecting an audience.

From lookalike audiences to saved audiences to custom audiences, facebook gives you the authority to reach your new audience and the ones who are already familiar with your brand.

Here are few things you must look before making an audience for your ad campaign. Here you go

  • Objectives
  • Problems
  • Questions
  • Preferences
  • Keywords & Phrases
  • Engagement Scenarios

Once you have understood the obstacles and interest of your potential buyers, it would be much easier for you to set a successful target audience.

  • Build advance Target Audience:

When running a Facebook ad campaign, don’t restrict yourself to the saved audience (the interest based audience that are much likely to response)

And I repeat, targeting cold audience will reduce your relevance score.

The lookalike and custom audience feature in Facebook will definitely help you manage successful brand awareness campaigns and other acquisition goals.

The recent feature introduced by Facebook with the name “Value-Based Lookalike Audiences” allows you to target customers who are most likely to buy your products.

facebook relevance score

  • Segment Your Audience

An effective strategy would focus on one marketing segment with one marketing matrix.  This will enable a company to focus on one marketing segment and will help identify the geographical areas for targeted audience i.e. a luxury fashion brand would focus on a wealthy target audience.

Moreover, you can also use the mille feuille facebook ad strategy that layers your targeted audience and are more interested in your offer.

  • Retargeting the engaged users:

Retargeting campaigns are most of the time fruitful because you are targeting those customers who are already engaged with your brand in one way or the other. Remember the “ones”

  1. people who have already visited your facebook page
  2. The ones who are engaged with specific posts or ads
  3. The ones who click the button (call to action)
  4. The ones who sent a message to your page
  5. Saved a Page
  6. The ones who actually commented and shared your post
  • Exclude Converters From your Audience:

Showing ad campaigns to those who have already been converted to your customers isn’t a good idea. You have to rely on the wits to make you campaign successfully therefore, it is advised to exclude those who have already purchased from your brand because they will most likely return to your brand (depends upon your service quality).

It can also annoy your customers and they may dislike your page. And that is something you surely will regret!

facebook relevance score

  • Optimize your facebook post Audience:

Most people are unaware of this amazing feature that you can also optimize your static post or videos by clicking the “preferred audience button”.

facebook relevance score

Basically, you can do two things

  • You can choose a particular audience that you like to show them your post.
  • You can even exclude some i.e if it’s a female fashion brand, then you may exclude men out of that.

facebook relevance score

  • Testing to Find the Right Audience

If you are still confused about setting a perfect target audience or building potential customers, then consider going for a test. I would suggest you to follow the below procedure for Facebook Ad Testing.

  • Use lookalike audience of 1% people in a particular state
  • Use a different lookalike audience of 5% people in the same state
  • Use a different lookalike audience of 10% people in the same state

The next step should be to analyze each campaign result. Now check the cost per lead price, engagement rate, and the facebook relevance score for each campaign. This might the best way to figure out what works the best for you.

  • It’s important to match your audience with the ads:

When targeting the cold audience, it is noticed that low commitment ads particularly, eBooks and the guides are fruitful for early conversions. Once they have visited your site and have reached enough engagement (likes, comment, and share), you can go ahead with your sales campaigns.

  • A Cathy Headline:

A headline can make or break your ads. A good catchy headline gives a healthy impression and increases the click-through rate. A good headline will catch the user ultimate attention and will force him to see the ads. This is how things work normally.

Otherwise, they will just scroll down and you will end up losing money. So instead of wasting some extra Bucks, It’s a hard time to produce compelling copies or consult an agency.

  • Time to Create Compelling Ad Images:

The 80% to 90% of your ad performance depends upon the Ad Images that directly affects the facebook relevance score.  You need to make your Facebook ads clearly noticeable while focusing highly on the color and the contrast.

  • Add CTAs in Ad Images:

Adding a call to action button in your ad image is another instrumental way to achieve higher Facebook relevance score.

Make sure to make the CTA button visible by giving it a bit different color that you have in your ad copy. It is noticed that most people do click the CTA button on the add image. More ad clicks increase the relevancy score!.

  • Research the Relevant Ad types.

Facebook gives you a variety of options when it comes to ad types. The right selection will eventually boost up your ROI and the facebook relevance score.

Finding the right ad type might be a hassle in the beginning but experimenting with different ad types by running a split test is one way to figure out what works the best for you.

facebook relevance score

I.e. If you are a hardware or a fashion store and looking to market a variety of products, then you may go for a carousel Ad type that allows you to display multiple image cards.

carosal ads

  • Video Ads Or Static Post:

If I talk about the industry practice, video ads are mostly been used by big brands and organizations. Without any doubt, video ads are most of the time fruitful and result-oriented. Things have drastically changed as for now, Video ads are more likely to gain a decent ROI and Facebook relevance score.

So a creative image will most likely to lose against a decent video. But this criterion is never fixed. If you think, a static post will work for your brand, go ahead!

  • Location Specific ads:

If you want to market your product to a specific area or a state, you should go for the local awareness campaigns. This way, you are most likely to receive some decent leads on a limited ads spent.

The local awareness ads features go around 2 things:

Call To Action Button (CTA): You need to select the right call to action button. It can be “call now”, “learn more”, “send message”; it depends totally on your ads.

Map Card: It gives better information about your business. It may include business hours and distance etc


  • Find out the Best Advertising Time:

Facebook ads may not be relevant 24/7. This isn’t a hypothetical statement as ads that are run in busy hours of the day don’t get the same engagement as the ads that are displayed at the right time.

You need to check in your business manager that on which day and weekend, your ads resulted in more conversions and clicks. This way, you will be able to figure out the “right time” I mentioned above.

You can even create a custom facebook advertising schedule during the campaign setup as that will allow you to schedule your ads campaigns.

Play your Campaigns at the right time!

  • Frequently ad new Ads:

Don’t play the same ads again and again. People don’t like the same things every time on their wall. This will not only decrease your facebook relevance score but also it may provoke people to report your page.

Therefore, it is advised to frequently introduce new compelling ads that can generate good leads.

I hope this guide to Facebook relevance score and ad making will be helpful to you. Don’t forget to say a word.  Thank you.


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