Facebook Learning Phase – Everything You need To know In 2018

Facebook Learning Phase – Everything You need To know In 2018
16/11/2018 daniyal shamsi

Facebook Learning Phase – Everything you need to know in 2018

If you are an advertiser or the Media Buying person in your office, you probably have witnessed unusual fluctuation in your campaigns, especially when you edit a particular ad set or launch a new campaign.

Your audience, ad set, campaign and content can still be right as Facebook could be experiencing a data collection period known as “Facebook Learning Phase”.

facebook learning phase


Wait! The testing phase isn’t complex at all as Facebook will start delivering your ad to the right audience once it has collected enough data about your campaign.

I am here to explain the cycle of the Facebook learning phase and how it reacts to your campaign at particular time intervals.

Let’s Get Started:

According to Facebook, whenever they initiate a campaign or an Ad set it shows ads to the different type of people because of insufficient data. Facebook figures out the audience that is working best for the Ad, and it changed its angle to that particular area. This is how Facebook describes its learning period.

Now you might be thinking that the learning phase will result in the loss of money. Not actually!

As soon as Facebook is over with collecting data, you will start to earn conversions and fewer performance dips.

So how long does it take to collect the data?

The Ad sets need to get at least 50 optimization events before it ends the learning phase. In case, you aren’t aware of the optimization events; It is defined as the number of time your ads achieved the outcome (based on your chosen conversion window). The metric is calculated with the number of events occurred, during the chosen conversion window.

Also, keep in mind 3 things:

Firstly, 50 optimization events isn’t a fixed value. It depends upon the ad set, the market channel and the time frame it is running.

Secondly, Don’t forget to set the conversion window. I know its obvious but if you don’t, it can extend the Facebook Learning Phase.

Last but not least, DO NOT edit/change any campaign or ad set while Facebook is going through its learning phase. Otherwise, facebook learning phase will trigger without collecting enough data on any changes made. This way, you will surely lose money!

Simple Idea:

Leave your campaign for some time after it is launched. Don’t pay attention to the drops in performance in the early stages. Allowing Facebook collect enough data is the most crucial part of Facebook Advertising, and one must be patient enough to overlook the drops in performance (in early stages).

Ads sets with longer conversion windows will obviously take more time to end the learning phase & vice versa.

It should be noted that not all the edits don’t reset the learning phase. So what are those “edits” that affects the Facebook learning phase?

  1. Change in Ad sets
  2. Any edit in Targeting
  3. Any update in Optimization events
  4. Pausing Ad sets
  5. Adding a new ad to your ad sets.

Now the “edits” that doesn’t trigger the Facebook Learning Phase!

  1. Adjustment in Bid Cap
  2. Any change in Target Cost
  3. Budget Increase/Decrease

Don’t forget to use your common sense:

A Scenario

If you are changing your budget from $300 to $305, it is most likely not going to trigger the Facebook learning phase. The Ad will continue at the same pace & flow.

B Scenario

If you are changing your budget from $300 to $3000, it is surely going to trigger the learning phase.

What if the certain campaign doesn’t reach the 50 Optimisation events?

No worries, if it failed to reach the 50 optimization events, Facebook will automatically remove your Campaign from the learning phase.

However, this isn’t very common but rather rare as sometimes, Facebook doesn’t receive the ideal Ad set’s optimization events or the events aren’t that competitive.

Is this alarming? Uh Yes, it is alarming and you need to fix the issue that is taking the Ad towards failure

  • For an instance if you are optimizing for purchase conversion, try switching to Ad-To-Cart conversion.
  • Moreover, you can even fix this problem by expanding the target audience.
  • If both of them doesn’t work, than expand the placement. If that too fails, do adjust your Ad Creative.

What should one do afer the Facebook Learning Phase?

Once the Facebook Learning Phase has completed, analyze the data & try making informed decissions.

If your ad is performing well and getting good conversions, then go for increasing the budget or let it run in the same budget. It’s upto you, but increasing the budget really makes sense here.

And if your Ad is showing major drops in performance and the CPC (cost per click) is getting expensive, then try minimizing the budget or you can even pause it. I would prefer not to pause it because the end result will answer a lot of things.

Thanks for reading all out. Don’t forget to say a word.

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