Facebook Advertising Best Practices & Advanced Strategies

Facebook Advertising Best Practices & Advanced Strategies
08/11/2018 daniyal shamsi

Facebook Advertising Best Practices & Advanced Strategies

Facebook remains unbeatable in becoming the best social platform for advertisers and local users in achieving their end goals. When it comes to the advertisers looking to market their product, Facebook advertising has highly contributed to helping them reach their target audience.

But like every other thing in the world, Facebook keeps on updating too. One day you are in, the other day you are out. Therefore, it is very significant for the advertisers and social media managers to be updated about the latest features being introduced.

Advertising can be very complex. Reaching the audience with the defined budget and getting the sales isn’t as simple as it is being presented. Without a defining audience & strategy, it can be really daunting.

Facebook can reach any audience at every stage of the funnel. Perhaps, it is you who is supposed to understand the Facebook algorithm and provide it with the right information to reach the designated audience.

Before we move ahead to the Facebook Advertising Practices, first say “Thank You to this legend, Mark Zuckerberg; without him, the e-commerce world would be very different.

facebook advertising

Videos are dead; they aren’t bringing the required sales neither they are reaching the target audience. “ If that’s your case, you are at the right place.

First of all, as far as videos are concerned, they are one of the best aspects of Facebook advertising and are the jam of this era. If they aren’t working for you; you are probably creating the wrong type of videos All along.

Fix this in your mind:

“Viewer Attention is very short.” So if you are creating a long video, you are just creating a mess for yourself. And this is NO OPINION; it is officially recognized by Facebook that, videos that are less than 15 seconds long get the highest views and engagement.

More Views = More Traffic = More Sales = More Profit

Here’s a short & precise guide to making short and successful videos:

End Goals:

  • Capture User Attention
  • Gets your Message Across
  • Get them Shared & Generate Free Traffic

These steps are solely written in accordance with the Facebook advertising practices and strategies. Before you go down, revise the end goals one more time.

  1. Create a HOOK:

You can start with a question. This is a good way of grabbing customer’s attention and giving your idea in one hook. If you aren’t okay with a question, then go down!

You can even use descriptive words to make your point clear at the starting. A quote will still not be a bad idea.

You can leave it a mystery but I will not prefer doing it. IT INVOLVES HIGH RISK.

For example:

  • Let’s suppose you own a hardware store and are going for a discount

“It’s fun having some discounts at the end of the month, so we are here at flat 30%” (I may not be that good with hooks, but just to give an idea)

  • Let’s suppose you own a restaurant and are looking to maximize online orders:

“The hardest moment of life is when you are watching movies late night, and suddenly feel hunger.” But they aren’t hardest anymore; Order your favorite food online, 24/7 anything, anywhere. (I repeat, just to give you an idea)

  • Let’s suppose you own a luxurious society and are looking to market now. In that case, try this

“Discover the hidden city where the city meets the luxury. Have a ride to our city and build your dream home”

2.Prepare a storybook:

  • Write down your idea
  • Roughly sketch scene ideas
  • Build a connection with the audience
  • Write your complete outline
  • And Now put your Outline into Action

For Example:

You own an online clothing e-commerce store and are looking to drive extra traffic. This is how you can build your content and video yourself.

The idea is to engage the existing customers and non-engaged ones with the new fall collection.

Add a Hook “you will never find anything more vibrant and sophisticated than our fall collection. Hard to believe, visit our website “Url”…” Look, the end goal is to take that person to your landing page and that manipulates the chances of sales.

This way you will be able to build a decent connection with the audience. But wait, you have to make the above content shorter. You obviously can’t use that length in the video.

       3. Add some Music:

There isn’t a god signature that music is vital to marketing. That’s all your choice. But if you are attaching music to it, make sure its soothing and according to your product.

    4. Add Images & Animation:

Images & Animation acts as a support to your content. Don’t just pick pictures from google and use it in your video. That’s a bad practice.

Too much-animated videos do flop sometimes. Make it simple and easy. Remember, you aren’t showing a movie trailer so don’t be that cool.

To be successful, you need to invest in a sophisticated Facebook strategy that can help your drives sales & revenue. Marketing is all about taking benefits of holidays and special days. This is where the ball swings more than anytime. After all the swing, if you still fail to hit the bails you aren’t a good marketer.

Facebook Advertising is easy if done with the right steps. Below are few insights that might help you build a strong strategy for this season.

Look back to your last year’s performance:

This is one of the critical aspects of Facebook advertising that is unfortunately ignored by many marketers who are in a rush to throw their advertising without aiming while hoping to hit the target.

Ask yourself these questions:

What were the campaigns that got successful last year?

Figure out categories that gained the highest engagement.

What didn’t work?

Once you are aware of the successful ones and the unsuccessful ones, try not to repeat your mistakes again. This is an ideal moment to outline your priorities and initiative for this coming year

Know the trends:

You need to know the trends and graphs that can tell you when customers are willing to shop. Customer shopping trends do fluctuate according to the season.

This is the result of our extensive research on the shopping trends. This might help you in the placement of your ads at the right time.

Percentage Of Shopping With Respect to The Holiday

facebook advertising

Plan it earlier and spend it earlier. Take an example of Daraz, they have started their Facebook advertising at least one month before regarding their sale on 11 November.

Making a mobile-friendly ad is vital for any advertiser looking to boost up the sales. According to Facebook, mobile conversions increased by more than 50% over the last year.

Make sure ad is fully optimized on Smartphone

A Mobile Website is the core need of the hour.

Check whether your creative copy is optimized towards mobile viewing

Build out your Promotional Calendar at the earliest:

The crowded holidays are around the corner so do the online shopping season. As Thanksgiving (Nov 22nd), Black Friday (Nov 23rd), and Cyber Monday (Nov 26th) are approaching near, it’s better to prepare now.

Delay in promotional calendars decrease the efficiencies of marketing and obviously, it doesn’t succeed most of the time in generating good leads. Therefore, prepare your campaigns at least 1 month before, and try your level best to finalize them a week before.

Check all the wins and odds before the campaign day, and make sure you aren’t leaving anything important. Small things do matter. Do check your audience. You should know their preference and area of interest. Keep them in mind and choose your desired audience.

Increase Your Budget:

For good results, a decent budget is needed to drive sufficient leads. When the competition is tough, facebook prefers the person with the highest budget over the low budget.

This is the most crucial aspect of Facebook advertising that the higher budget works way better than the lower budget. Especially in the month of November and December, grab a budget for different ad campaigns.

Build Creative Holiday Promotions:

Last year, there was an 85% increase in facebook CPC. That was quite alarming for the advertisers and many of them criticize facebook for that.

But surely there is a way to reduce the cost per click price. How you are gonna do it? That’s a good question.

You have to rely on your writs to produce a compelling and creative video ad that can catch customer attention in the very first go. You need to make your ad stand out with beautiful creative, promos, and overlays.

Here are some best performance ads of all time:

  • Percentage Off
  • New Arrivals
  • Free Shipping
  • Get 1 and Get 1 Free

Moreover, use high-quality images to display. Edit them in style, or do whatever, displaying your ad with sophisticated images won’t work at all.

Secondly, your promo should be interesting to the already engaged users as well. Make it convincing & creative

You can even use the words like “Best sale of the season” or “Biggest sale of 2018.”

Telling a cohesive story through Carousels Ads are most of the time fruitful but in case of holiday seasons, better go for a video.

Don’t forget to display product price. Wait. You can even say things like: “we bet you can’t find anything online like this at “Rs XYZ”. Don’t believe it, visit our website “

When it’s about the holiday seasons, it’s better to stay on point. You need to remain as relevant as you can in your post copy. Don’t show laziness in writing a post copy as that carries significant weight age too.

The practices mentioned in the article about Facebook advertising are written after extensive research and with the help of surveys. It is approved by the digital experts of MWM Studios that are proficient in media buying and Facebook advertising.

If you still find difficulty in marketing your product, contact our digital experts today at connect@mwmstudioz.com

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