Eva Cooking Oil Mother’s Day Campaign

Eva Cooking Oil Mother’s Day Campaign
03/11/2016 Wyze

The Client:

Eva Cooking Oil is one of Pakistan’s most renowned cooking oil brands, with their products being purchased by customers belonging to SEC A and B.

The Objective:

Mothers are considered to be the homemakers and always opt for the best for their family. All year round they care with love and affection. Thus, Eva Cooking Oil wanted to design a campaign in which their fans on social media for one day would do something special for their mothers to celebrate Mother’s Day and show their love.


The idea sought to bring families together as they generally do on the dinner table, but this time it was more about what brings people closer to their mothers and the answer is, ‘FOOD’.

To fulfill the objective, MWM Studioz developed a campaign for Eva Cooking Oil that would lead it to celebrate Mother’s Day in the best of ways. The idea was that people would cook a meal for their mother, using Eva Cooking Oil.

To express their love openly, they were told to take a selfie with their mothers and the cooked food, and share it with Eva. Eva Cooking Oil would then share the pictures online and the pictures with the maximum likes and shares would win gift hampers.

The Campaign:

To initiate the campaign and spread awareness, a pre-hype was created through which fans would be informed about the campaign and what they exactly had to do to participate. The pre-hype resulted in creating a massive buzz on social media which eventually led the fans to send in their pictures.

Eva received a huge response with pictures pouring in great numbers. All pictures that were coming in displayed love and the bond people shared with their mothers and had an emotional feel to it that made it even more spectacular. It was not just the pictures that were great but the captions that were tagged with them that portrayed the feelings of the fans to how they dedicated one whole day to give back and do something special.

As promised by Eva, pictures were selected and designed in a creative layout by MWM Studioz, they were shared on social media after which the fans had to bring their friends and families to get maximum likes and shares. The campaign ran till 12 am on the day after Mother’s Day and the numbers of engagement were recorded.

Eventually after going through the numbers, five winners had been declared by Eva Cooking Oil with their pictures being shared on their Facebook page. The winners were cherished with joy and tagged their loved ones to show they had won. The campaign concluded after the winners had submitted their contact details and had been dispatched with the gift hampers from Eva Cooking Oil.

The Result:

Following were the highlights that majorly resulted in a positive outcome for Eva and strengthened their presence on the digital platform:

  • Fan base had increased by 20% with the induction of new likes.
  • Website visits had increased by 800%.
  • Impressions had been multiplied with a rate of 10x as the number of impressions generated were 180,000.
  • Level of engagement increased by 300%.
  • Number of messages in Facebook inbox increased by 400% with fans inquiring about products, availability in stores, rules of participation, etc.

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