Ecommerce Website Features

eCommerce Website Features

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Mobile Responsive
– iOS and Android smartphones & tablets optimized

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Catalogue Management
– Batch Import and Export of catalogue
– Advanced Pricing Rules and support for Special Prices

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– One-Page Checkout
– Checkout without account/Guest Checkout
– Shipping to multiple addresses in one order

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Catalogue Browsing
– Layered / Faceted Navigation for filtering of products in Categories and search results
– Product comparisons
– Product Reviews

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Search Engine Optimization
– Google Site Map
– URL Rewrites give full control of URLs
– Meta-information for products and categories

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Analytics and Reporting
– Admin Dashboard for Report Overview
– Abandoned Shopping Cart Report
– Best Customers Report by Total and Number of Orders

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Marketing Promotions and Tools
– Flexible Coupons (pricing rules) with ability to restrict to stores, customer groups, time period, products, and categories.
– Catalogue Promotional Pricing

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Infinite Scroll and Ajax Pagination

With Infinite Scroll and Ajax Pagination,
the next page of products are automatically
retrieved and appended. This means the user
never needs to click “Next Page”.

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Product Browsing
– Multiple Images Per Product
– Product Image Zoom-in Capability
– View Full Offerings

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– Multiple Payment Options Supported

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Order Status and Action Manager
– Order Status and Action Manager enables you to keep track of your orders in real time.
– Whether require confirmation, have been approved for delivery or has been delivered, you are able to remain updated at all times.

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Social Coupons
– Social Coupons is a feature that can be posted on social media sites and acts an incentive for followers to carry out certain actions on you page.
– This helps you to attract more traffic to your website and leading towards increased conversions.

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Quick Export
– You have the ability to export into CSV file all your customers and orders in one click.
– A great way to analyze more easily your store activity.

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Bundle Products
– The Bundle product type can be used to group existing products and sell them together.
– It is a static group of products, which means that the products contained in a Bundle are defined when the Bundle is created.

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Advanced Bulk Editing
– Easily edit your products and variations individually or in bulk.

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Acquire Insights with Google Analytics
– Become proactive in your approach through our advanced expertise in acquiring insights from Google Analytics.

Advanced Media Library

  • Real Media Library enables you to organize thousands of images in one go.
  • Saves time and efficiently organizes pictures into categorized folders.

Sales Badges

  • During a sale, Sales Badges are used to display the percentage of discounts on a certain item as well as the exact amount customers save on their purchase.
  • For example, a product costs Rs 5,000 and a discount is placed for 30%, customers will know about the discount and also that they will save Rs 1,500 on the transaction.

Sales Countdown

  • Add a Sales Countdown feature on your website during a sale promotion.
  • This helps customers in keeping track of the sale and also build the Pre-Hype resulting in increased conversions.

Quick Export

  • Quick Export enables you to export all your orders and customer data into a CSV file.
  • By getting accurate data for customer email addresses and sales statistics, Quick Export serves as a great tool for email marketing.

Advanced Bulk Editing

  • With Advanced Bulk Editing, large number of data and products can be edited simultaneously.
  • For instance, if a sale has to be placed on very specific products or categories, it can be done with minimum time and effort.

Bundle Products

  • Products can be sold in bundle or separately.
  • For example, a Bed Sheet can be sold separately or with pillow cases, quilts and comforters.

Order Status and Actions

  • Order status and actions enables you to keep track of all orders from the placing to the delivery stage.

Points and Rewards System

  • Points and rewards are part of your Loyalty Programs that lead towards higher conversions and increased visits to your online store.
  • Whenever, your customers make a purchase, they will be rewarded with points that will keep on collecting until they redeem it for a gift or discount set by you.
  • Your customers will always have track of their points collected. This will provide them an incentive to shop at your online store.
  • Points and rewards can lead to an enhanced customer loyalty if used tactfully and with relevance to your brand and products.

Visual Attributes

  • Products displayed on the website can be transformed through multiple visual attributes that are user-friendly and provide an improved look and feel of your products.
  • Standard product drop-downs can be changed by labels, radio buttons, colors, pictures and more fancy drop downs.

Push Notifications

  • Push Notifications serve as an ideal tool to communicate new and exciting offers and arrivals in your product line.
  • With the ease of subscribing to these notifications, your customers will always be informed even if their browsers are closed.
  • Users are redirected to the exact landing page whose URL is inserted in the message.
  • This facility can also be accelerated for mobile, depending upon your needs.