Top Digital Marketing Trends Not To Miss In 2019

Top Digital Marketing Trends Not To Miss In 2019
26/11/2018 daniyal shamsi

Top Digital Marketing Trends Not To Miss In 2019

Digital Marketing is the future. You might not be concerned about it, but the business world, in general, is pretty much concerned.

Every day, thousands of online stores are being built and almost everybody has joined the fight to gain a higher search ranking and more web traffic.

There has been a constant increase in the difficulty level of the keyword “Digital Marketing” in the Ahref. That pretty much sums up!

The competition out there is incredible and it gets tougher every week. So are you prepared to withstand the heat?

It is a race. if you aren’t going to follow the latest Digital Marketing Trends, you will get trampled.

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Maintaining gross sales is an integral part of digital marketing. This can stay with you if you stay with the latest digital marketing trends.

Tis this summer to check what worked out and didn’t work in your marketing. What were those areas that failed miserably? Why did the certain campaigns fail despite high expectations? What were the trends that didn’t work out? What adversely affected your business?

Now if you have got the answer of all the troubles you faced this year, check the latest trends in Digital Marketing, and make sure you don’t miss any.

Increase Personalization with AI:

Being one of the key aspects of Digital Marketing, It can be stated that Artificial Intelligence will take most of our jobs in the future. ChatBots are the live example of a proficient AI technology that replies to the customer without any human interference.

The word “automatic replies” pretty much sums up the chatbots. They are designed to assist customer’s queries & their orders.

ChatBots learn from the user experience. They keep on improving with the help of their communication with the customers. An old chatbot would obviously work more efficiently than the newly built one.

It can be placed on your website and on your facebook page. They are ideal for increasing engagement, solving customer’s issues, and general questions.

We build an exclusive chatbot for careem that was responsible to register drivers & vendors online by taking their Personal Information. It worked out very well!

ChatBot Campaigns are also being introduced by many marketers that are looking to engage the audience on their web. Try that out!

Integration of Augmented Reality to with Social Media:

Constant technological advancement is the reason why marketing professionals have to stay updated with the new trends in targeting potential customers.

Technology keeps on improving so as the trends & tactics.

It’s 2019, the competition is getting tougher every day. Don’t let the ball go out of your court!

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Augmented Reality (Ar) is playing a defining role in shaping the social media trends. The experience can be felt by the users of Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, and also Tinder.

So how is it going to influence Social Media? It will bring in new content delivery approach to social media. Ar based Advertisements are becoming increasingly common, and moreover, the 2D content is also being replaced with the 3D one.

The introduction of lens studio in Snapchat has allowed the marketers to develop their own Ar lens. We are already witnessing some new players using the AR snapshot to target customers.

digital marketing

Facebook has partnered with more than 700 brands to achieve their AR plan. Although there is much more to come for Augmented Reality, using the available advertising features will surely be a plus point for your business.

New market trends will occupy the Facebook Platform. Let see what this technology has for us in future.

HyperLocal Targeting for Mobile Users:

According to research conducted by the junto, the conversion rate of mobile sales is much higher than of the desktop. According to the data, almost 18% of the searches made in mobile phones, convert to sales in less than 24 hours.

That’s why Targeting mobile users is very significant.

Hyperlocal targeting is about essentially targeting a location where you believe a specific audience congregates. This will double your traffic and eventually your online sales.

Typically, they have a higher conversion rate and a lower drop rate.

HyperLocal Marketing

The person will receive a notification about your store once he enters the set limit. You can even let him know about any sale or discount that might influence your sales. This will drag the customer to your outlet & will eventually increase your brand visibility.

We have already witnessed some elite brands that have started using the hyperlocal targeting as their major advertising budget. This Digital Marketing Trend is going straight should go straight to your plan!

Video Marketing For Higher Engagement:

We all know the power of videos in Digital Marketing. Making a compelling video ad and targeting the right audience is what every marketer looks for. The end goal is to earn decent leads & sales.

Have you been making the right videos up till now? Did they get the sales you expected? If they didn’t, you are surely making Wrong Videos.

Behind every quality video, there lies a creative idea along with a quality content. The Idea works on the interest of people that make their way to sales.

While the content gives a bold image of a brand. It tells the customer about the quality of the products/services.

Looking for engaging video ad campaigns?, call us today at +92 (342) 2224888. Our Digital Designers are competent enough to produce compelling videos that will target the right customers and will earn good sales.

Voice Marketing:

Let’s not get confused. There are 2 major forms of voice marketing.


The value of voice-over Artists has steadily increased over the last decade due to the importance of Voice Marketing in targeting the right customers. Unlike in the past when it was only limited to the ads of Houses and Villas, voice marketing also holds a significant place in marketing various stores and business.

Voice gives a bold impression about a brand. You can run an idea campaign through it. In fact, this is the most successful digital marketing trend, yet ignored, that has a minute failing rate.


People have started searching Google through the voice search. The conversational tone is the main key that is the becoming the core highlights, this season.

As said by Google, 50% of all the search queries on the search engine will come from the voice queries by 2020. So it’s really important to keep your brand alive in the search ranking.

You no longer have to focus on normal search queries as voice queries have a more conversational tone. Short tail keywords will eventually be replaced by long tail keywords.


This is one of the most ignored Digital Marketing Technique that works on improving the search engine ranking.

In fact, Google lookout the review section of any website to determine its popularity and in deciding the ranking. Along with the other elements of Seo that are beneficial for ranking, Reviews play the most crucial part in the ranking.

According to a research held in the University of Oxford, young people aged 25 to 40 regularly check for reviews before buying a product.

After all, why would Google want to rank a website that has a one-star rating?

Focus on getting original reviews from people and make the most of this ranking factor.

Over To You:

While Digital Marketing Trends has its own twist and turns, it is important to keep yourself updated with the latest ones. A good marketer is always aware of the latest industry practices, including the good ones and the flop ones. What’s your say?

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