Chop Shop Qurbani

Chop Shop Qurbani
18/11/2016 Wyze

Chop Shop: From Farm to Fork

Tata Best Foods (TBF) that is one of the largest exporters of high quality Halal meat from Pakistan exports premium quality meat to Europe, Middle East, Africa and USA. To provide the same excellence for its local audience TBF launched Chop Shop in early August of 2016 which is a boutique chain of meat retail stores.

Well-Equipped Facilities and High Quality Standards

Tata Best Foods possesses an extraordinarily well-equipped supply chain and production capacity with facilities to nurture its own grass fed livestock. The livestock is medically certified to ensure disease-free and hormone-free meat.
With 8 stores across Karachi and Hyderabad (Pakistan), Chop Shop plans to expand its presence in the cities by doubling the number of their outlets by the end of 2016.

EidulAzha and the Ritual of Sacrifice

EidulAzha is one of the annual festive occasions celebrated by Muslims across the globe. Muslims observe the occasion by performing sacrifices of animals in memory of Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH). The ritual is labelled as Qurbani in South Asian countries, particularly in Pakistan.

The process of Qurbani

The process involves going to the market, selecting the animal and coordinating with butchers. Imagine ten million animals to be sacrificed in three days, how many butchers would that require, it’s pretty chaotic, sometimes people wait for hours for the butchers to arrive to have their animals slaughtered and there is no guarantee that their butchers are professional.

Bridging the gap

Chop Shop wanted to provide convenience to ts customers’ by providing seamless, hassle free Qurbani service ensuring professionally butchered, hygienically packaged, disease-free, Halal certified meat delivered to its customers’ homes.

The Strategy That Changed The Game

MWM Studioz being a performance marketing consultant for Chop Shop researched and gathered data and classified 3 different types of audience personas based on their interests, likes, in market segments, affinity and behaviors.

This led to establish an effective strategy for a two-way communication which could influence the audience’s purchase decision on such a major event of the year.

The digital strategy revolved around social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Email, SMS, Google ads, Location-based advertisements, etc.

The Qurbani Campaign

The integrated digital strategy was complemented by an efficient customer service that kept customers informed about their orders and delivery schedule.

The sacrificial animals included goats and cows with customers also having the option to buy a whole cow or one single share.

In a span of the first four days of booking, around 2000 shares of cow, 1189 goats and 650 whole cows were booked for Qurbani particularly through Chop Shop’s website, Facebook page and Facebook Lead ads.

Customers really loved the idea of booking their Qurbani online as it relieved them from the hassle and chores. Chop Shop was pleased due to the overwhelming response and positive customer sentiments.

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