Charles & Keith

Charles & Keith
03/11/2016 Wyze

Charles & Keith, a Singaporean fashion brand that specialises in women’s footwear and accessories, has established its ground in Pakistan with flagship stores in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

An overall brand strategy of the brand is to target a niche set of customers who idealize modernism and elegance with simplicity. Therefore, the big picture of the objective was to digitally target those customers who were potentially interested in the products so as to actually purchasing them rather than window shopping. The brand in order to compliment the strategy, introduced a limited time discount campaign that would further enhance the enticement of the customers.

The Campaign

Targeting customers in order to attract them to the retail stores was the prime objective and so it was clear that the strategy was not to get maximum impressions, rather reaching unique people that would increase foot traffic.

To fulfill the objective, the tools used on social media were Facebook and Instagram as it served in engaging our audience more effectively and started to generate a pull effect. Furthermore, it also aided in executing the right communication with the audience through eye-catching visuals and highly-tailored content.

Another part of this campaign were GDN and Email Marketing. GDN was used to follow potential leads in a way which not only drove traffic to the website but also drove the audience towards curiosity in finding out more about the campaign.

Moreover, our email database consisted of a great number of addresses that were prospective leads and part of the target audience for this campaign. Therefore, to communicate the message to them more profoundly, newsletters were sent to them displaying the exact details of the offer. This not only gave them a special feel but also gave us the chance to track how they were responding to it.

The Result

The outcome of this campaign was not surprising but rather expected. As the prime motive was to attract buyers and not volume of traffic that would only fill up stores and would not account for sales, the Charles & Keith outlets were actually filled with real customers. The brand accounted for one of the best discount campaigns conducted in Pakistan. It was evident that the targeting in this campaign played a major chunk in its success.


  • Following on social media had increased by 25%.
  • Website visits had increased by 200%.
  • Total impressions generated were 250,000.
  • Engagement increased by 600%.
  • Number of messages in Facebook inbox increased by 400% with fans inquiring about products, availability in stores, etc.
  • All major outlets had observed a significant increase in their footfall and reported a relatively higher revenue than previous campaigns.

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