Bed & Bath Eidi

Bed & Bath Eidi
18/11/2016 Wyze

Bed & Bath is a home textiles brand by Afroze Textiles which is one of the leading home textiles exporters since 1959 having 10 retail stores nationwide.

The brand’s parent company, Afroze Textiles is one of the leading home textile exporters from Pakistan which adds to the prestige of their products and confidence of customers.

The tradition of Eid

Eid is a festival of showing love, dining with family and sharing gifts. The religious occasion is celebrated by Muslims all around the world. Bed & Bath already enjoys a very warm relationship with its customers, large portion of which consists of young and middle aged women having keen interest in decorating their homes.

The brand treasures this relationship and wanted to surprise their customers on this festive occasion with something special. As a result, a campaign was suggested where Bed & Bath would gift Eidi (Gifts given on Eid) to their customers.

EIDI from Bed & Bath

Since brick and mortar stores are closed during Eid Holidays, MWM Studioz proposed a simple campaign labelled as ‘EIDI from Bed & Bath’ where Bed & Bath would reduce their prices on all products during the week long Eid holidays.

Using social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, Bed & Bath reached out to its customers with their Eidi and had a tremendous response in terms of engagement. The term ‘Eidi’ itself caught the attention of many and persuaded them to shop their favorite products on reduced prices.

The Result

The weeklong Eidi campaign resulted in a 180% increase in web traffic. Anticipating the increase, special customer care representatives were deployed during the Eid holidays to cater to the customer queries.

Customers showed great satisfaction, which resulted in Facebook ad relevance score of 8, website bounce rate which is generally 18% fell down to 5%, average CTR increased by 75%, resulting in a hiking conversion rate of 7% to 10% during the holidays.

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